Fractional Chief Finance Officer

Fractional Chief Finance Officer

Employing a fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) offers a multitude of benefits, especially for small to medium-sized businesses seeking expert financial guidance without the full-time cost. This flexible arrangement allows companies to access high-level financial expertise and strategic insight, typically reserved for larger corporations at a fraction of the cost.

A fractional CFO is a finance professional offering part-time CFO services and is responsible for making crucial financial decisions, offering financial guidance and insights and leveraging financial strategies for the growth and stability of the company. They’re typically retained on a contract basis, synchronising financial management and advice with the firm’s operational strategies and goals. 

Fractional CFOs have pivotal roles which involve managing financial risks, planning budgeting, tracking cash flow and financial planning. They also offer advice on long-term business planning including capital raising, mergers and acquisitions. These professionals have an interesting role  as they bring an external perspective to the business, free from internal biases. 

An interim chief financial officer typically reports to the CEO or the business owner. They may also have a responsibility to report to the board of directors or shareholders in some instances. Their decisions and strategies align to the visions of the CEO or business owner, ensuring that their role integrates seamlessly within an existing team. 

Fractional CFO skills required

To be a successful fractional CFO, you need a strong foundation in accounting and finance. Solid understanding of financial forecasting, corporate finance, scenario analysis, cost accounting and the ability to analyse financial data to steer business recommendations is crucial. You should also possess sound knowledge of legal procedures related to finance and accounting.

Strong leadership skills are vital, as is the ability to direct and supervise your team to achieve business goals. You must have strong communication skills to explain complex financial information in an understandable manner to other members of the team. 

In the rapidly evolving business environment, being proficient in financial technology is a must. Familiarity with financial management software, spreadsheets and data visualisation tools would serve you well. 

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