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Employment Law Specialist Jobs

Whatever policies and strategies a company has for future growth and success, employment law will always trump them in the real world. If a plan does not take into account employment law, it could fall foul of legislation and end up being not just unprofitable but possibly even destructive. That’s why larger companies are looking to have in an-house employment law specialist on their HR team.

The employment law specialist works alongside managers and the human resources team to ensure that every contact point – from ad placing, through employment and on to dismissal, resignation or retirement – is carried out in compliance with the law. The employment law specialist may act as a consultant to several departments or to the whole company, and will be charged with ensuring all paperwork is completed accurately and within the timeframes set down in law.

The skills required

Because employment law is a fluid thing, particularly in terms of the UK’s relationship with EU law as we leave those institutions, the job will require a thorough and ongoing knowledge of the permutations and interpretations of employment law. A background in a legal practice or as an in-house employment law specialist is useful, as is experience working at the compliance end of HR in a company with a complex employment model.

All industries are different, and although there are many employment laws that are overarching, experience in dealing with the company’s particular sector will be advantageous. The chief task will be to ensure the company is compliant, and this could mean overriding long-standing or proposed strategies if a legal inconsistency is discovered. That requires a strength of character and a conviction that your understanding of the law is solid.

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